President’s Message


I am very pleased and appreciate the opportunity to build ukulele in Hawaii, where it had originated.
We began making ukulele in 1955, and continued in the 1960s when folksongs and rock songs, which do not normally use the ukulele in its instrumentation, were popular, and further still, Mitsuba Gakki Japan continued to build the ukulele for 62 years.
The sound of the ukulele captured the hearts of the Japanese people and flourished in Japan.
Mitsuba Gakki Japan has always pursued creating a great-sounding yet inexpensive ukulele.
It is my hope that many people in Hawaii will get to know that Mitsuba Gakki Hawaii manufactures an inexpensive and rich sounding ukulele in Hawaii using Japanese technology.
I respect the ukulele culture of Hawaii and wish to contribute to the economy of Hawaii.

Mitsuba Gakki Hawaii, Corp.
President Shigeru Osawa